About THE SC

Ever important, is the power of the collective.
We are all individuals, working together when it matters,
when it counts.

The Solitaire Collective was dreamt on a night train across Germany,  in 2007. Before iPhones, and when iPod's were still in black and white - while playing solitaire it all made sense. 

Eric Ashleigh envisioned a future in which all hands that make up a deck, freely moving, would come together when needed. The goal being the strength and unity, the best selves, the highest quality work - and the consultation needed, to keep your business running smoothly.

For our clients, we offer the best of the best in local artisans, makers and creatives. Hand picked for YOUR project, and given the exact specifications of your vision. We see you, and where you want to be - and collectively, we get you there. Our deck is stacked.

For our creators, we offer commitment free work. We connect your skill sets with the clients best suited for your experience, price bracket and location. We also offer business consulting, a website to host your portfolio, and a powerhouse of knowledge. 

Check us out, and we'll do the same.